Doggie Daycare

If your dog loves to play with others, doesn’t have significant medical problems that would preclude active play, and has energy to spare, he’s the ideal candidate for Doggie Daycare. This professional service is the perfect answer to many a dog owner’s prayers.

Indoor Dog Park

Indoor Dog Park

Perhaps you have a friendly, active young dog, and you just don’t have the time you would like to devote to his exercise and social exposure. You come home exhausted from a grueling day at work and he greets you with a huge grin on his face, his wagging tail clearly begging for a hike in the woods or an extended session of ball-retrieve. If you don’t exercise him you risk the emergence of inappropriate behaviors such as chewing, but you are just too tired, and you have to work on a project, due tomorrow. Doggie Daycare, even one or two times a week, can be the perfect outlet for his boundless energy, give him the social and dog-play time he covets, and relieve you of the oppressive guilt of not being able to take him for that hike.

If you have a dog who needs some quiet space while you have company, or maybe workmen in your house we can accommodate those guests for the day as well. We are sure he’d enjoy a nap or a movie with some companionship at the best daycare for dogs, Dogwood Lodge.

CatteryWe also offer Kitty Daycare for those felines that could use a quiet place away for the day!

At Dogwood Lodge we keep a very low daycare guest to staff ratio, so you can be assured your dog will receive the attention he craves. We have a full array of toys for interactive play and your dog may even take a dip in our pool. We insist on some quiet time so dogs don’t get over-stimulated by having too much fun, as well as a snack or two.

Standard vaccinations are required including Rabies, DHLPP, and Bordetella.

Half Day Passes are for any consecutive 4-hour stay. Full Day Passes are for drop off any time after 7:30 am and pick up any time before 6:00 pm.

Single Day Passes
Half Day Pass $13.00 for 4 hours
Full Day Pass $23.00 for 8+ hours

Pre Paid Passes
10 Day Pass = $200.00 ($20.00 per day)
20 Day Pass = $300.00 ($15 per day)
30 Day Pass = $400.00 ($13.33 per day)